“Spring Morning”, Carmel Valley, California
Thomas Arnold McGlynn, Sr., (1878-1966)
Oil on Canvas
16″ x 20″



Thomas Arnold McGlynn was born March 29, 1878 in San Francisco.  As a young boy he was a member of The Columbia Park Boys Club.  He edited and illustrated the club’s first magazine with woodblocks and Art-Nouveau style designs.

At age thirteen he was trapped beneath a lumber pile, which crushed his back and limited him to crutches and canes for most of his life.  This did not interfere with his career as an artist. 

In 1899, he began his studies at the California School of Design with a full scholarship.  Here he formed a lasting relationship with the director Arthur Mathews, becoming chief designer for his furniture shop from 1906-1918.

In 1938 McGlynn relocated to the Monterey Peninsula where he built a home in Pebble Beach.  He was notified of his unanimous vote into the Carmel Art Association by president Armin Hansen, also a 1906 California School of Design graduate.

McGlynn remained in Pebble Beach until his death in 1966, leaving behind a legacy of impressionistic landscapes that captured the unique lightof the Pacific Coast with pure and radiant color.

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Member: Carmel AA (pres., 1951-52); San Francisco Art Association; Bay Region AA; Society of Western Artists; American Artists Professional League; American Federation of Arts; Society for Sanity in Art; Santa Cruz Art League. Exh: LA Liberty Fair, 1918 (award); Calif. State Fair, 1924, 1939-40; San Francisco Art Association annuals; Santa Cruz Art League, 1929-57 (awards); Monterey Co. Fair, 1931-40; Carmel AA, 1934, 1949 (solo), 1962 (solo), 1966 (solo); Oakland Art Gallery, 1936-49; Society for Sanity in Art, 1938-46; Golden Gate International Exposition, 1939-40; Santa Cruz Co. Fair, 1940, 1955 (1st prizes); American Artists Professional League, 1941-46; Art in Nat’l Defense, 1943 (award); California Palace of the Legion of Honor, 1945; Society of Western Artist, 1948-60; Carmel Museum, 1969; Triton Museum (Santa Clara), 1970 (solo); Monterey Peninsula Museum, 1979 (solo); San Mateo Co. Hist. Society, 1982; Ventura Co. Hist. Museum, 1984, 1985. Works held in public places: Monterey Peninsula Museum; Monterey Community Hospital; Oakland Museum.
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