Iolani Palace Porcelain Dinner Plate, c. 1882
Pillivuyt & Cie., (1818), Paris
Porcelain dinner plate with scalloped rims each with royal Hawaiian crest at center; dinner plate has half-inch band of blue enamel edged in gilding around rim.

This plate was made for use in the State Dining Room of Iolani Palace; the medallion is coat of arms of King Kamehameha of Hawaii and inscription is his motto (“The life of the land is perpetual in righteousness”)

As shown on page 56 of “Finding Paradise”, by Severson, Horikawa, Saville and Honolulu Academy of Arts



Ch. Pillivuyt & Cie (gegr. 1818)
The porcelain manufactory Ch. Pillivuyt & Cie was founded by Jean Louis Richard Pillivuyt in 1818 in Foëcy, France. After a quick success and constant growth, the manufactory was relocated to Mehun-sur-Yèvre in 1854. The company won several gold medals at International Exhibitions until the 20th century. The world wars ruined the Pillivuyt financially; it had to be sold and modernized and now belongs to a Swiss owner. Pillivuyts products and designs are still very popular all over the world. ™

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