Kauai Coast, Kauai, Hawaii, 1969
Elma Taylor, (1900-1992)
Oil on Canvas
20″ high x 24″ wide

After a successful career in Los Angeles as an interior decorator and color consultant, Elma Taylor moved to Hawai’i to retire and fulfill a long cherished desire to paint. From her world of color, design, drama, and imagination – the translation of these qualities to the field of art, revealed a natural step for this artist. Her varied background as world traveler, musician, and school teacher – her theatrical experience on the Orpheum Circuit, her hobbies of creative ceramics and the breeding of rare dogs and exotic parrots – have all played a part in this latent talent of painting.

Her oil paintings, done with palette knife only, are spontaneously identified by their intricate color-play, which so strongly depicts her deep love of the islands of Hawai’i.